ZOWNOW designs and builds groundbreaking tech-art, light sculptures, light suits and custom installations, adding a significant “wow-factor” for music concerts and special event markets. Over the past four years, ZOWNOW has conducted significant R&D that has led to the creation of a collection of sculptural tech-art pieces.

The cornerstone of ZOWNOW’s R&D is its proprietary software platform that generates multi-layer LED animations for any number of objects and wearables. This represents a breakthrough in programming an efficient and expressive interaction with music. ZOWNOW is on course to accomplish its “holy grail” objective: the real-time interpretation of music to generate animations on the fly.

Long term, ZOWNOW is position intel as a global leader in all things tech-art by creating its own lines, collaboration with other designers and technicians and curating finished products from around the world in order to have the most extensive collection of tech-art products and offerings.