ZOWNOW creates groundbreaking Tech-Art light sculptures, structures, and wearables for the stage, special events, and art installations. Then we animate these structures with our breathtaking LED technology.

ZOWNOW satisfies the ever-growing consumer expectation for a greater “Wow-Factor” experience by combining technology and art for an immersive experience.


Rental: For your next events or stage performances, ZOWNOW has a growing “Collection” of amazing Tech-Art objects and wearables that can be rented or leased by the day or for longer periods.  We have a variety of sizes and combination of items such as ZOWNOW’s DJ Stand, Big Wings, Projector Wings, and Light suits.  Based upon the particulars of your use, we can provide you with the right wow-factor to meet your budget.  Please contact us today to discuss the details of your event, performance, or art installation. jeff@allyentertainment.com 

Product Lines: ZOWNOW will be introducing certain product lines for both objectives and wearables that will be available for purchase.  Please contact us to stay in tune as they become available: jeff@allyentertainment.com 

Custom Works: ZOWNOW is very interested in creating a custom piece of tech-art for your club, theater, performance group, or other applications. We can create a unique one-of-kind work of art that meets your specific specifications and delivers breathtaking impact. Contact us today for details: jeff@allyentertainment.com 

Performance: In conjunction with our sister company, Ally Entertainment, Inc., we can add musicians, DJ’s, specialty acts, dancers, and other performers that utilize ZOWNOW’s Stage and Wearable Tech-Art to create an extravaganza for your next event or performance.  Please contact today to discuss the many amazing possibilities:jeff@allyentertainment.com 


ZOWNOW designs and builds groundbreaking tech-art, light sculptures, light suits and custom installations, adding a significant “wow-factor” for music concerts and special event markets. Over the past four years, ZOWNOW has conducted significant R&D that has led to the creation of a collection of sculptural tech-art pieces.

The cornerstone of ZOWNOW’s R&D is its proprietary software platform that generates multi-layer LED animations for any number of objects and wearables. This represents a breakthrough in programming an efficient and expressive interaction with music. ZOWNOW is on course to accomplish its “holy grail” objective: the real-time interpretation of music to generate animations on the fly.

Long term, ZOWNOW is position intel as a global leader in all things tech-art by creating its own lines, collaboration with other designers and technicians and curating finished products from around the world in order to have the most extensive collection of tech-art products and offerings.